Ensuring that your content gets seen by the maximum relevant audience

We are big believers in demonstrating return on investment (ROI) from marketing and understanding consumers behaviour through the context of their actions.

Social CRM

Our Social Customer Relationship Management Hub combines social media marketing tools with CRM capabilities.  We integrate social data gathered from these platforms with traditional CRM data.

Social media is much more than sharing your content and growing outreach; it is a proven channel for increasing brand awareness, generating leads, nurturing prospects, connecting with peers and engaging customers- essentially getting results.

VISU.AL first identifies the social networks most relevant to your audiences. We then allocate resources to continually listen and engage. Our consultants use social media marketing to:

  • Build stronger connections among your employees, colleagues and peers
  • Connect with your existing customers in a more personal way
  • Connect with and nurture leads as part of the sales cycle
  • Engage with influencers
  • Monitor mentions about your organisation, leaders and competitors
  • Enable audiences to act as brand ambassadors
  • Share on-brand content, including articles, ebooks, case studies, infographics and videos
  • Raise your brand’s profile within the industry
  • Stay on top of industry trends and news.


” Repurpose, repurpose, then repurpose some more”

To maximise your return on content marketing investment, you need a diverse content marketing mix: high impact original content to educate your consumer and on-brand , on-demand , scaleable content that regularly engages and builds awareneess.

But how do you grab your audiences attention when most of your resource has been directed towards lengthy research, planning and messaging? Microcontent is the tool that can allow you to reach out to more existing and potential customers than ever before, and establish an excellent reputation.

Microcontent is visual content that is delivered in short, digestible formats, normally extracted for larger content to entice viewer and interest. It can consist of many forms, including gifs, short form video, or cinemagraphs. Most microcontent is predominantly delivered to audiences via social networking sites, making it a very potent and proven marketing tool.

But having the micro-content is pointless unless you know what to do with it, and when. Understanding what content is most effective on which platforms, when to distribute and how to engage and measure are all crucial to ensure you get the desired return on your activity.

Our team has successfully partnered with clients to produce a framework to deliver microcontent marketing campaigns with maximum impact.


Inbound marketing is a proven method to deliver more business leads and build brand awareness, whilst lowering the cost per lead and improving customer engagement. The very nature of the process means that your audience qualifies themselves by selecting to consume you create and share.

Combined with marketing automation to plan, distribute and monitor your content it becomes a very powerful tool by harnessing content marketing, email automation, social media management, conversion campaigns, SEO and analytics.

Our team has the best tools, experience, insight, know-how, and know-when, to manage every part of your inbound strategy.


According to McKinsey, word-of-mouth is the primary factor influencing between 20 percent and 50 percent of all purchasing decisions.

People are already talking about your brand, whether you’re part of the conversation or not.

92% of consumers trust recommendations from other people – even if they don’t know them personally. (Nielsen)

Brands that use social influencers are seeing up to a 10X increase in conversion rates. (Content Marketing Institute)

B2B or B2C Influencer marketing is about creating meaningful relationships with influencers, and although this is a process  in which common sense and intuition can never be replaced, measurement is also required  to fine-tune strategies and tactics, evaluate performance and sharply increase ROI.

The business benefits are improved brand awareness, authenticity, building of trust, increased client acquisition, an increase in leads and access to more influencer-generated content.

We apply a process using audience analysis and influencer selection then harnessing the influencers and brand ambassadors across many different communities and platforms including  YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and the the greater blogosphere

Team VISU.AL not only identify the best  influencers to distribute and promote  your content, but also create on-brand and authentic content to drive  your campaign. Feel free to contact us below if you would like to find out more.

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We can help your business go inbound, automate your marketing processes,  manage your social relationships and reach out to hundreds of millions of people with relevant on-brand content.

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