You are passionate about social. You live and breath social. Ready to help a company take Social to the next level?

You are passionate about social. In fact, you live and breath social. You get the ins and outs and you can see how Social is changing the media landscape. But you’ve got an extra edge: you can see how it’s changing business and you’re keen to help a company deliver the most and take Social to the next level.

Specific Responsibilities include:

  • Define and develop a social media and content marketing strategy.
  • Set targets, measure performance and report on social media growth and strategy
  • Define the voice of VISU.AL on social media platforms and deliver content aligned with this on a daily basis.
  • Drive the strategic groundwork of VISU.AL’s digital engagement with consumers using existing and emerging experiences on the social web, on desktop and mobile
  • Create engagement with our target audience and with our clients target audience through VISU.AL’s social channels and identify and reach out to key influencers/ new social channels to further expand our visibility
  • Deliver cost effective customer acquisition & top-of-funnel targets, leading on ongoing creative and strategic optimisation of established channels, and proactively seek out new opportunities to test, with particular focus on:
    • Social media acquisition including community engagement and management and direct response acquisition campaigns via all social media channels
    • Integration with SEO strategy to grow visibility through outreach and development of content partnerships
    • Amplification of PR campaigns through social media and influence marketing.


Essential Requirements:


  • A minimum of +1 years marketing experience, with a focus on developing social media and content marketing strategy and implementing the strategy.
  • Ability to drive business impact is imperative as is being able to show ROI on digital activities as it relates to customer acquisition and retention.
  • You should have a strong ability to formulate ideas and deliver them based on experience and data
  • This role requires a passion for social and digital media with an intense curiosity about the future of how consumers interact with each other, consume and engage with our content, and develop affinity to brands online.
  • You should have experience of delivering brand messaging and brand voice online and to using these to reactively engage on message with an audience
  • Be immersed in both existing social media channels (such as Instagram, Snapchat,Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+,Pinterest) and emerging digital channels, as well as having a good understanding of all the tools used to manage these channels
  • Social credibility: is an active and avid participant in the digital space
  • A broad working knowledge of CRM, Marketing Automation, SEO, UX and online media buying in addition to social media & content is required for effective cross functional campaign development
  • Motivated self-starter with entrepreneurial spirit and capable of working within small team
  • Passion and curiosity for uncovering new opportunities. Tracking best practices in the industry and being willing to create our own breakthrough activities is also fundamental


Please note that this will be a PAID intern role and after the initial 6 month period, the opportunity of a full time position will be given to the successful candidate.

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