Visual content creation- World Gold Council [Infographic]

We have partnered with the World Gold Council , providing visual content to support their ongoing leading research.

The World Gold Council is the global authority on the gold market. As well as providing insights into the international gold markets, they help people to understand the wealth preservation qualities of gold and its role in meeting the social and environmental needs of society.

For our most recent project we were asked to provide visual content- infographics and micro content to support the release of their latest quarterly report , Global Demand Trends Q4 and Full Year , 2015


Our design for the Quarterly report


For the Global Demand Trends quarterly publication infographic the intention was to change the format, moving away from a large conceptual infographic, towards a set of visual stand-alone messages, which are more accessible for quick consumption on social media.

The style is intended to be clean, fresh and elegant, with a focus on simplicity and clarity.

micro_content_world_gold_council_inforgraphic_5 For visual content, modular/divisible content design principles were applied throughout , to take into consideration options to share across various social media channels and to allow for visual content to be incorporated into presentations, PDF’s, Word files as well as the option to develop dynamic, interactive infographics.

micro_content_world_gold_council_infographic_6 If you would to discuss an approach on visual content to help educate, engage , inspire and entertain your audiences, please get in touch for a no obligation chat 

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