Gold Demand Trends- Full Year 2016 Report [Digital Design]

The World Gold Council published their Gold Demand Trends full year report for 2016 on 3rd February 2017. We worked , in partnership with WGC to create the report, highlighting a four year high in investment, which drive both price gains and demand growth for gold. 2016 was also the second best year on record, for Exchange Traded Funds  ( ETF’s), with global demand for gold- backed ETF’s, the highest since 2009.

The report has been designed so that sections, or the entire report  can be viewed or downloaded directly from the site.

gold demand trends full year 2016

Microcontent has also been created extensively for the Gold Demand Trends report. The on-brand content was created at scale and speed to support the ongoing communications. In order to ensure maximum social outreach content was created for most platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, We Chat, Weibo and Facebook. Examples of some of the content created can be seen below:

gold demand report microcontent china demand demonetisation etfs hero jewellery price

You can download the latest Gold Demand Trends report for 2016 , here.

gold demand trends report front page


If you are regularly producing white papers and reports and would like on-brand design, micro content and social media outreach management , please  get in contact to discuss your requirement with us.

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